The members of the consortium have the experience and are complementary to each other to make the PREFET objectives possible, since we have been active members in the R&I community for more than 15 years, being directly involved in leveraging collaboration amongst projects during the last 10 years from different approaches. 

Research, Technology Development And Innovation (RTDI)

RTDI is a SME specialized in research and innovation project design and management.It provides advanced services in project ideation, capacity building, technology brokering, R&Dintegral management, intellectual property rights management, exploitation planning for innovative solutions, and business andinvestment plans. It holds a great network of collaborators at national andinternational level including universities, research centres, corporations, regional developmentagencies, and national and regional ministries, and has previous experience as CSA projectcoordinators (e.g. HOLA in ICT-FP7 and HOLA CLOUD in ICT-H2020).

Linknovate Science

Linknovate is a software start-up specialized in data analytics comprised of aggregating andstructuring multiple sources of heterogeneous data, including academic, industrial, and usergenerated data sources. Linknovate’s platform exploits different techniques from the artificialintelligence field in its information processing pipeline. Their proprietary platform allows usersto identify relevant experts and affiliations working on particular fields (niche or otherwise),providing R&D data visualization and technology insights. Linknovate has won FINODEX, funded by EC(Fiware Open Data start-up competition), and is an alumni start-up of Stanford Universityaccelerator programme (StartX) and Microsoft Accelerator in Berlin.

Trilateral Research

Trilateral Research is a SME focused on transforming research into innovation andsustainable impact, using various services such as impact management, technologyassessment, policy, and regulatory advice. Its team collaborates across social science andtechnology development to bring insights from each into supporting data-driven innovationand provide research, advisory and technology development services to private and publicsector organisations.

De Montfort University (DMU)

DMU, and in particular the Centre for Computing and SocialResponsibility (CCSR), is specialized in ethical and social issues affecting new technologies. Itsinterdisciplinary approach has enabled it to be recognized worldwide as a key player in its fieldand FET projects (e.g. Flagship Human Brain Project). They have key expertise in the areas of ethics of technology, responsible research and innovation, and governance of FET.

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