As a result of PREFET project, a series of methodologies have been delivered which can provide valuable services to a wide range of organizations active in shaping the future of society, creating new opportunities, and preventing or mitigating the risks of technological advance. These methodologies have been developed and applied in PREFET project to help the European Institutions understand the big picture of most relevant trends for future-oriented technology and research that most likely will determine what the next decades will look like. In PREFET project, these methodologies have enabled:

  • To identify most relevant trends in future and emerging technologies;
  • To evaluate the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) ‘intensity’ for each trend through rigorous, quantitative, and comprehensive methods to understand the hazards and opportunities that these trends entail for our society;
  • To explore and build new project ideas with high potential based on these trends through creative workshops for multidisciplinary teams aimed specifically to raise out-of-the-box cross-sectional new ideas and explore its potential and challenges.

These three methodologies could be applied separately or bundled to explore more specific and restricted contexts. All the three have proved in PREFET project that they are rigorous and powerful tools to help a wide range of organizations:

  • Have a glimpse into the future;
  • Co-create the future;
  • Understand that future;
  • Have an influential and positive impact in the future.

The result is a highly customized, highly educational strategic activity aimed to shake up organizations’ views and discover new perspectives by bringing new valuable insights about a specific area and using creative resources. If you are interested in learning more, just write us to

Technology Scouting and Foresight

Unique software for analysing trends in high-impact technologies and benefit from Intelligence Augmentation during technology foresight activities.

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Unique platform for a step-by-step guided process while evolving ideas for radically new technologies into R&D projects, enriched with training contents and self-coaching functionalities.

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PREFET Expert RRI System For User Evaluation.

Based upon the experience of applying the RRI Workflow for scouting future and emerging tech, we built a new (RRI Intensity level tool) and adapted existing (RRI maturity tool) tools.

In our methodology, we use RRI Intensity level to indicate the level of RRI oversight deemed appropriate, and we then equate that to the RRI Maturity level of organisations. To facilitate this, PURSUE tool has been developed to help evaluate a research organisation’s observed RRI Maturity level.

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