4 day-event on top technology trends for long- term R&D and social

Evidence-Based Technology Trends for 2025

The PREFET1 Project Is About Evidence-Based Detection Of Emerging Technology Trends With High-Impact Potential, And Funnel Them Down To Successful FET Proposals For 2019 And 2020 Calls (And Their Continuation Under The New Pathfinder Program from the European Commission).

A concise and holistic approach to the top 20 future and emerging trends in teechnology, for policymakers, the research community and society

The OTC Is Now Closed. Thanks To All The Researchers, Policy Makers And Technical Experts We Received Over 3000 Responses.

Visit our interactive periodic table to discover the latest technology trends that could shape our would and impact you.

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A unique mix of inspirational and practical contents for researchers to dream of disruptive projects for a better future.

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